Kaiju Kabouly

A VR hack and slash game where a giant monster destroys whole city with its punch and laser.



Role: AI Programmer & Gameplay Programmer
Team Size: 4
Engine: Unity Engine

About the Game

Kaiju Kablooey is a first person game where players play as a giant monster rampaging through a city. This game is an immersive Virtual Reality experience on the Oculus Quest 2.

The player will be taking the role of a giant monster, going through the destruction of a city by using their arms to smash buildings, tear buildings from their foundations, grab people, and throw objects, as well as use their head to aim a long range attack to blast buildings and people from afar. The buildings will have realistic and satisfying destruction. As the player continues through the game there will be a military that will progressively increase in force the more the player destroys. The player can either go through the city in a sandbox for however long they want, or choose a more goal oriented mode.

What I did in the Project

I was the Game AI Programmer, generating all AI units with their algorithms. Here is the list what I contributed: