Who am I?

I am a software engineer and game developer with the goal of creating vivid experiences that allow users to feel like they are stepping into a dream. I specialize in Game AI, Software Engineering, Gameplay Programming and VR/AR. I want to make applications that give extraordinary experiences to users which immerse into the application or programs which seeped into life.

In addition to my software engineering skills, I am enjoying traveling, playing/watching soccer, gaming, learning a new language and cultures and reading books. I have experienced a lot of cultures and fields. I am sure this will help me to fit into work whatever I will do in the future.

Programming Skills







Other Skills

Unity Engine


Unreal Engine 4







DigiPen logo BS, DigiPen Institute of Technology
Computer Science and Game Design
Mar 2015 - Apr 2022


Software Engineer I
EA Sports

July 2022 — May 2023

  • Supported Game Development teams and QAs by creating and debugging scripts in C# language to build confidence in quality through automation involved in Madden 23, Madden 24, EA SPORTS PGA Tour and College Football
  • Maintenance of the documentations and the back-end automation technologies
  • Participated in tool projects which help Game Development teams clarify issues and improve the quality verification process

Teaching Assistant
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Sep 2021 — Apr 2022

  • Aided professor in 2 classes by helping students to understand C# and further their understanding of core topics
  • Graded students’ project and lab submissions and provide constructive and detailed feedback
  • Gave advice to students who are having trouble with their assignment by teaching c# and suggested how to solve it

Highschool Programming Lecturer
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Nov 2021 — Mar 2022

  • Taught 4 remote classes of 12th grade students in Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour, the private catholic school located in Baabda, Lebanon
  • Coached C language skills from the basic by lectures and help them acquire the C language by quizes and assignments.
  • Led Tank game project so that students can understand how to adapt C language in the project and how game programming and simple AI works

Teaching Assistant
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Feb 2021 — Apr 2021

  • Assisted professor in CS185 classes by helping students to understand c++ and its object-oriented features
  • Reviewed student works giving productive comment after grading submissions
  • Helped students who cannot follow the class by explaining basics of the language and led how to do assignment

Programming Camp Guardian
DigiPen Institute of Technology

Jul 2019 — Aug 2019

  • Supported K12 students in terms of all education courses they got during programming camp include Unity game programming, art and sound design
  • Managed student life throughout camp period such as accommodation, city tour, transportation, etc.
  • Resolved conflicts between students and camp organizer and communicate with parents to reduce their worries